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Spring Football…

For more information about Wyoming Football, visit the website by clicking here.

For this assignment we were asked to complete a video storytelling project. I paired up once again with DJ Christensen for this assignment. We decided to shoot our video on the Wyoming spring football game. The spring game is always the last part of spring football, and a good event for the fans to come out and preview next seasons team.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this assignment, is that it combined almost everything we did all semester. Just like with the pictures, we got to use creative devices and camera angles to shoot the video. It was really fun to combine our audio and video files into one and see the final result. After you take pictures, you can look down and see what they look like right away. Here we were so busy filming, that we didn’t know how they videos were going to turn out. It was really exciting for me to watch them for the first time because we got some really good footage.  This was the first time I have ever made a video story like this, and I really enjoyed piecing it all together.

There wasn’t a whole lot that I didn’t enjoy about this assignment, but some things could have gone smoother. During the spring game there was some strong wind and you could really hear it in the video at times. A few interviews we gathered I didn’t even use because the wind was overpowering their voice. This was frustrating for me, but was something out of our control. I was also on the field for the game and couldn’t really help out much with any of the filming. I could say I can be a bit of a control freak, and didn’t like relying on someone else to do all the filming. I’ll have to admit DJ did a great job however and he got a bunch of great shots.

After completing this assignment, I think I learned a lot about video storytelling. A lot of aspects go into creating a video and I didn’t realize it until this assignment. In the end, I was surprised with how it all came together. I was really happy with how it turned out and was more surprised that I could make that over anything. If I could go back, there were only a few things I would of done differently. As I mentioned before, there were a few interviews I couldn’t use because of the wind noise. I wanted to get a fan perspective from the game, so I wish I would have interviewed multiple people. At least one of them would of been usable and would have added another perspective into the video.

I really enjoyed creating this video, and could definitely see myself using video in the future. Its hard to tell if ill be using it as part of my career, but I now have a foundation in case I do use this in my career. Not only for video, but I am now prepared to use more creative devices thanks to the information I learned this semester. I really had fun, and enjoyed learning all the new forms of media.

For the last time.

Brandon Miller


Danny from North Korea…

For this assignment, we were asked to tweet some sort of event involved with the University of Wyoming. I actually didn’t have twitter before this assignment, so this was a good way for me to join the 21st century and sign up for an account. Before the assignment, I viewed twitter as more of a way to talk with friends and I didn’t see the point in joining. Just like the assignment calls for, I wanted to use twitter as more professional and news purposes. I found out that by following interesting business people like Bill Gates or news organizations such as Fortune, it has become a very rewarding experience. I’m glad I signed up for twitter and have learned some very interesting things from people just in the past few weeks.

At first, I didn’t know what kind of event I wanted to tweet about. After looking at my schedule and many events on the Wyoming calendar, the one that really caught my attention was a Liberty in North Korea documentary called Danny from North Korea. The documentary was about life in North Korea and the hardships the people face. The documentary takes you on the journey of a man named Danny and how he was forced to escape into China to escape poverty, starvation, and dictatorship. There has been a lot of negative news coming from North Korea in the past 10 years, and I really wanted to hear the story of an everyday citizen. The organization Liberty in North Korea is dedicated to save those who are forced to escape the country and spread the word of how everyday people live.

As I said before, one thing I really enjoyed about this assignment was actually signing up for a twitter account. I follow many interesting people and news sites. Everyday I go on twitter I learn something new and interesting. As far as the documentary, I really enjoyed attending the event. This is something I probably would of never attended on my own, but this assignment forced me to go out and be apart of something. It was really cool to hear the story from someone who grew up in North Korea. When thinking of North Korea, it was always negative. But after viewing the documentary, I realize you can’t define a country by its government. In actuality the everyday citizen is fighting for survival and some dare to escape the country with risk of being executed. For example one story that really stood out to me is how Danny would eat bark and roots just to have something in his stomach to survive.

I can’t point out anything that I didn’t enjoy about this assignment. One thing that was an inconvenience thought was that the event was scheduled for the wrong time on the Wyoming calendar. The calendar had the event scheduled for 6 p.m. Once 6:15 hit and no one showed up I was real disappointed because I didn’t know what other event I could attend. Walking out of the classroom building I happened to look at the bulletin board to see if any other events were scheduled in the near future. I happened to see the Danny in North Korea flyer and it said it started at 7:30. I was lucky enough to see this bulletin and make the event. So if anything stands out negative about this assignment, it would be the miscommunication the school had about the timing of the event.

Poster I found on the bulletin board

Poster I found on the bulletin board

For this assignment I would really say that I learned more about social media. I have been a member of Facebook for the past few years, but I would say its very different that twitter. Twitter is very fast paced and you can see trends happening everyday. I like the hash tag feature because it allows you to follow events and stories that are happening. One thing I wish I had done differently is joined twitter before the assignment. Not only because I have learned a lot of interesting things from people, but also because I would be a lot more experienced at tweeting. There has been a really strong shift towards social media in the past 5 years and I’m sure everyone will be involved with it in their future.

To view my tweets about the event, follow me on twitter at : @BrandonMiller_8

View the website about Liberty in North Korea by clicking HERE.

Until next time…

Brandon Miller

Soundslides Audio Story…

For this assignment, we were asked to create an audio story. We used audacity to compile the audio, then sounslides to add pictures. The purpose of this assignment is to tell an audio visual story like the ones we saw in One in 8 Million. For this assignment, I worked with classmate D.J. Christenson. We completed our audio story on Jason Gesser, the new Quaterbacks coach for Wyoming Football.

For me, I though it was interesting working with a partner. I usually like to do all the work and am very picky, bu everything turned out great. Since I play for Wyoming football, I wasnt able to take pictures for practice or collect much audio. Me and DJ collaborated and talked about what questions to ask and what sort of pictures to take. Ultimately DJ collected the media while I put it all together. For the most part I think the process went pretty smooth and we worked well together. It was funny for me because I would be out and practice and see DJ on the field taking pictures of Gesser. He would occasionally walk past me and I would throw out some suggestions on cool pictures to take.

Overall, I struggled with soundslides and It was a lot more time consuming than I anticipated. I think more due to the fact that I was unfamiliar with the program than anything. The biggest problem for me was adding timing to the pictures because I would get altered as I added or subrtacted photos. Once I got the hang of soundslides and corrected some of the mistakes I was making, It was a lot easier for me. Overall, I think soundslides is a fairly simple program and the final product works great for audio stories.

For me I think the biggest challenge was telling a story in my audio editing. There were a few questions or directions we went while collecting audio that didnt really relate to the story I was tying to tell. Due to this, there were a few pieces of audio, ambient noise and pictures that I couldnt use. Also, It was weird for me not be involved in collecting media. As far as editing the audio I used, the speaker had a few times where he would run words together or say “umm” before his thoughts. There are a few parts where you noticed the audio was edited.

If we wee to change anything about the project, I think it would of been beneficial to gather a wider arrange of photos and audio. I think if we started the pject a few days earlier this could have been done. It would of been cool to hear one of the players talk about Gesser and how it is to be coached by him. For the future, I dont think I would have much advice other than using the experience I learned from this project to make a future one run more smooth. Starting early and a wider range of media as I said earlier would also help me in the future. I look forward to working with this progam again, and using it for my individual poject.

Unti next time…

Brandon Miller

Audio Profile Edited…

This weeks assignment was to edit our audio profile we put together from last week. I cut the audio from my interview with Kaylee Hoffman. I edited down my interview down to 1:48 seconds and it was a lot more difficult than I expected. As far as cutting bits and pieces it took me many tries to get exactly the starting and ending point I wanted. For the original interview it went in order of the story I wanted to tell so I didn’t need to do much jumbling around. One thing that really stood out to me from this assignment is that I probably listened to each clip about five times to try and cut exactly where I needed it to be.

One thing about this assignment is that I got a lot more comfortable with Audacity. Spending a lot of time on this assignment has made me a lot more confident in my abilities to work with this software. One thing specifically that helped me was using the time shift and cutting out audio I either wasn’t using or already have used. Once I used a piece of audio I would cut it out and move the original to match up with my edited. This helped me know exactly where I was.

The thing I enjoyed most about this assignment was telling her story and the process it took to make it happen. You can listen to 5 minutes of audio and then listen to the edited 2 minutes of audio and basically get the same story from both. I liked taking out what was most important and mashing it all together. This created a real nice story without any waste of words or time. There was nothing in particular I didn’t enjoy and found this assignment to be exciting simply because I was creating something.

One thing that surprised me about this assignment Is how much I actually cut out. During the five minute interview I felt as if she was talking the whole time and wasn’t really wasting time. As I edited this assignment I found out really how much could be cut out and still say the same thing.

If I was to do anything different with this assignment It would be to try and explain to the person I interviewed what I wanted. I would have her leave spaces in between thoughts and not be in any hurry to talk. A lot of times in the interview I needed to cut out words that were smashed together. For one I remember she said “and-um” really close together and I only needed the and. Little things like that if they were said slower or more clearly would have helped the editing go smoother. Another thing I noticed was the noise fluctuation. When she was thinking in her head what to say, then suddenly remembered, it would show in her voice and be a lot louder than her normal tone. I tried to edit the sound levels on some and it just didn’t sound natural to me. Overall, I don’t think these things are a huge deal and it sounds unique in that way. Enjoy the edited version!

Below are pictures sent to me from Kaylee Hoffman:

Until next time…

Brandon Miller




Audio Profile…

For this assignment, we were asked to interview either a classmate or friend for five minutes. I really enjoy working with audio, and was excited to work on this assignment.

Instead of someone inside the class, I interviewed Kaylee Hoffman. I have interviewed many people before, but never with an audio recorder. I’m used to having to scramble and jot down the most important parts on a piece of paper. I don’t know why I ever did that! I really liked the fact that you didn’t have to write down what sounded good, but let the recorder do its trick and really listen to the person. This new technique for me was a lot more relaxed, and was more of a conversation. I didn’t have a chance to be interviewed by a classmate, and now looking back I wish I would have. I’m a little but of a shy reserved guy, but this would have given me an opportunity to tell my story.

I learned from this experience and the One in 8 Million audio profiles, that people are all unique. If you ask the right questions, people will be open and talk and everyone truly has an amazing story in its own way. So in that aspect its something I really enjoyed from this assignment. I also didn’t mind the fact that no editing had to be done and I let someone else do the talking. She had a lot to say and was passionate so I mostly just got to sit back and listen.  There is nothing that stood out in my mind about this assignment that I didn’t enjoy. It was a new experience for me and a lot of fun.

There is a few things that I made mistakes on and wish could of gone better. We actually had to do the interview twice because the first time we were in a noisy area. I forgot to take my person somewhere excluded, and about a minute in a noisy group walked past us. We both got really distracted and had to start over. I also think she did a really good job based on the fact that I didn’t really give her much of a detail about the assignment. Next time I work with someone ill need to do better with explaining. Overall, it went pretty smooth and had fun with the assignment. I’m looking forward to editing this assignment and have it tell a story. Enjoy!

Until next time…

Brandon Miller

Sounds around me…

I had a lot of fun with this assignment. It was interesting to record these noises around me because when you listen back on them it takes you back to that place and time. These sounds really give you a sense of the atmosphere around you. I have also never worked with Soundcloud or any other music player for that matter, so the process of learning this was not only fun but also interesting. I hope you enjoy some of the sounds around me.

1. Ambient Noise – Talking Before Class – I collected this ambient noise in my classroom. I got it before the teacher was there and a few kids were talking and laughing. There were at a distance so its hard to tell what they are saying but can still hear them talking. I think the best place to use this ambient noise in a story would be if you mentioned people talking and laughing at a distance.

2. Ambient Noise – Filling Up Drink – This noise is me filling up up my drink at a beverage dispenser. I collected this noise when I ate at Qdoba. I really like the noise of the ice falling into the cup and then the liquid filling pouring in. I think you could use this noise in a few ways such as if your talking about obesity and the problem with soda, or just if you mentioned you needed something to drink.

3. Ambient Noise – Dryer – This noise is the dryer being run. I collected this noise in my laundry room. We have a very quiet dryer, so its a little hard to tell in the audio. Its a very soothing sound to me so I decided to record it. I would use this noise just when talking about needing to dry my clothes.

4. Ambient Noise – Basketball Game – This ambient noise was collected during a basketball game. I collected this noise as Wyoming played New Mexico. I was close enough to the court to be able to hear the squeaking of the shoes and the players yelling. With the crowd cheering you could really use this noise for any sporting event. 

5. Ambient Noise – Driving with Window Down –The noise in this recording is the sound of cars driving past me. I got this noise as I was in my car and just rolled down the windows. This sound is very familiar I’m sure to most people, as you hear it everyday you drive with windows down. I would use this noise when talking about driving on a busy road. I would say busy road just because in the short tie frame you hear many cars pass.

6. Ambient Noise – Crowd in Concourse – This noise was basically me walking through a concourse. I got this again at the basketball game while I was walking to get some food in the Arena Auditorium. Last time I mentioned only a few people talking, but here you can here many voices and its much louder. For this reason I would use this ambient noise when walking through a crowd of people, or just a crowded area.

For this assignment our job was to count to ten out of order, then using audacity cut and reorder it so the numbers are in order. The purpose of this assignment was to get comfortable with not only audacity and how to use it, but also to help us with future assignments. It was good to get familiar with the program with a simple assignment, and I know it will help in the future. I didn’t have any experience with sound editing and was the first time I used this program. Before this assignment I never needed to use sound editing or really saw a purpose. I’m glad we did this assignment though and it was cool to see what I could do. I don’t have any fears with sound editing or audio journalism going forward, even though ill admit I did before this assignment. Once you get out and do the assignments and interact with these programs it all becomes much easier.

Until next time…

Brandon Miller

People of Laramie…


The Extra Element – Owner of Elements Robert Buckhardt, takes time out of his day to show me around the shop. He has been the head man at Elements for 5 years.

The Extra Element – If you have ever walked through the classroom building, you have been greeted by Robert Vuckhardt who is the owner of Elements. I have never met Robert so I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to him and use him as a feature photo. He kindly invited me in the back, and I got to see how everything is made. Since I got to ask him as a feature style, the picture was easy for me to get. I frequently visit Elements and get food and drinks, so I enjoyed the opportunity to take a photo of it. The creative device used in this photo is a portrait.

See more about Elements in UWYO Campus Dining


Old Friends – Andy Hoefer (left), and friends enjoy each others company as they eat breakfast. They have been friends for as long as they can remember.

Old Friends – After eating breakfast one morning in Perkins, I heard laughter from across the room. I noticed a group of old men who have been friends for a long time. The atmosphere in Perkins was very light and relaxed. Everyone was enjoying their morning and each others company. This picture was a little difficult to capture and I tried to explain to the men to act normal and not mind me. I don’t think they understood, and looked my way in the picture. I was real overcome by their friendliness and they were happy to help me out. I would consider the creative device to be a feature (enterprise) photo.


Nothing but Net – Sophomore forward Kayla Woodward shoots a free throw in Wednesday night action against the Air Force Academy. Kayla scored 22 points and led the Cowgirls to the 88-63 win.

Nothing But Net – I heard that the Wyoming Cowgirl basketball team was playing a game on Wednesday night and attended the game. One thing about Cowgirls basketball as oppose to other women’s basketball is they have really dedicated fans. It was an exciting game to go to and they played really good. I tried to get as close to the court as possible and took a lot of photos. I took a lot of great photos, but was disappointed when I looked down and realized my camera made it turn out blurry. Finally, I got a good photo of Kayla Woodward in the action of shooting a free throw. To me shooting sport  action photos was a lot of fun. The creative device in this photo was sports action.

Chech out the Cowgirl Basketball home page by clicking here


Better Safe than Sorry – Trainer Megen Jensen tapes athletes before practice.

Better Safe than Sorry – As I was walking through the training room I noticed Megan Jensen tape up athletes. Since most of the athletes share the same training room, I was able to see athletes get ready for practice. The atmosphere is usually relaxed in the training room as athletes prepare for practice. This picture was easy to get as I was close to Megan. For this picture the creative device would be a feature (enterprise) photo.


Tall and Strong – 3rd street bartender pours drinks for party goers.

Tall and Strong – As I was at 3rd Street Bar I noticed the bartender hard at work. It was very busy and the atmosphere was very hectic. This was a spur the moment picture and I noticed it would be a good picture opportunity.  This was an easy picture because he truly didn’t know I was taking his picture making it very natural. For this picture, I used the feature (enterprise) creative device once again. 

I really enjoyed this assignment because I got to look into people living their lives. Instead of posing for pictures, I got to see people acting natural. From this assignment I learned that these pictures really tell a story and a picture truly says a thousand words. Nothing about this assignment really surprised me. I just learned I had to get out of my comport zone and shoot pictures of people. I don’t really wish I did something different, but was more disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a more wide array of photos. I was really looking for some spot news photos like the examples we saw in class. But, those are obviously rare occasions. All in all, I think I got some very interesting photos and met interesting people doing this assignment.

Until next time…

Brandon Miller