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For this assignment, we were asked to interview either a classmate or friend for five minutes. I really enjoy working with audio, and was excited to work on this assignment.

Instead of someone inside the class, I interviewed Kaylee Hoffman. I have interviewed many people before, but never with an audio recorder. I’m used to having to scramble and jot down the most important parts on a piece of paper. I don’t know why I ever did that! I really liked the fact that you didn’t have to write down what sounded good, but let the recorder do its trick and really listen to the person. This new technique for me was a lot more relaxed, and was more of a conversation. I didn’t have a chance to be interviewed by a classmate, and now looking back I wish I would have. I’m a little but of a shy reserved guy, but this would have given me an opportunity to tell my story.

I learned from this experience and the One in 8 Million audio profiles, that people are all unique. If you ask the right questions, people will be open and talk and everyone truly has an amazing story in its own way. So in that aspect its something I really enjoyed from this assignment. I also didn’t mind the fact that no editing had to be done and I let someone else do the talking. She had a lot to say and was passionate so I mostly just got to sit back and listen.  There is nothing that stood out in my mind about this assignment that I didn’t enjoy. It was a new experience for me and a lot of fun.

There is a few things that I made mistakes on and wish could of gone better. We actually had to do the interview twice because the first time we were in a noisy area. I forgot to take my person somewhere excluded, and about a minute in a noisy group walked past us. We both got really distracted and had to start over. I also think she did a really good job based on the fact that I didn’t really give her much of a detail about the assignment. Next time I work with someone ill need to do better with explaining. Overall, it went pretty smooth and had fun with the assignment. I’m looking forward to editing this assignment and have it tell a story. Enjoy!

Until next time…

Brandon Miller

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