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Audio Profile Edited…

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This weeks assignment was to edit our audio profile we put together from last week. I cut the audio from my interview with Kaylee Hoffman. I edited down my interview down to 1:48 seconds and it was a lot more difficult than I expected. As far as cutting bits and pieces it took me many tries to get exactly the starting and ending point I wanted. For the original interview it went in order of the story I wanted to tell so I didn’t need to do much jumbling around. One thing that really stood out to me from this assignment is that I probably listened to each clip about five times to try and cut exactly where I needed it to be.

One thing about this assignment is that I got a lot more comfortable with Audacity. Spending a lot of time on this assignment has made me a lot more confident in my abilities to work with this software. One thing specifically that helped me was using the time shift and cutting out audio I either wasn’t using or already have used. Once I used a piece of audio I would cut it out and move the original to match up with my edited. This helped me know exactly where I was.

The thing I enjoyed most about this assignment was telling her story and the process it took to make it happen. You can listen to 5 minutes of audio and then listen to the edited 2 minutes of audio and basically get the same story from both. I liked taking out what was most important and mashing it all together. This created a real nice story without any waste of words or time. There was nothing in particular I didn’t enjoy and found this assignment to be exciting simply because I was creating something.

One thing that surprised me about this assignment Is how much I actually cut out. During the five minute interview I felt as if she was talking the whole time and wasn’t really wasting time. As I edited this assignment I found out really how much could be cut out and still say the same thing.

If I was to do anything different with this assignment It would be to try and explain to the person I interviewed what I wanted. I would have her leave spaces in between thoughts and not be in any hurry to talk. A lot of times in the interview I needed to cut out words that were smashed together. For one I remember she said “and-um” really close together and I only needed the and. Little things like that if they were said slower or more clearly would have helped the editing go smoother. Another thing I noticed was the noise fluctuation. When she was thinking in her head what to say, then suddenly remembered, it would show in her voice and be a lot louder than her normal tone. I tried to edit the sound levels on some and it just didn’t sound natural to me. Overall, I don’t think these things are a huge deal and it sounds unique in that way. Enjoy the edited version!

Below are pictures sent to me from Kaylee Hoffman:

Until next time…

Brandon Miller




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