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Shots of Laramie…

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Before this assignment, I had no idea what it took to make a good picture. I didn’t know about any f the creative devices, and how they help enhance a photo to make it more pleasing to the eye. When taking pictures, I would simply just try to capture the image. Now, through the trial and error of taking over 100 photos, I leaned that by simply changing the angle can create a great shot.

Painting on the Wall – While I was in a friends house, I noticed this painting on the wall. It must of looked weird when I walked up to it and started taking pictures.

Painting on the Wall- I came across this painting on the wall in my friends house. At first I really liked the color of the painting. But, when I took a close up photo, the texture stood out the most. For this reason, the dominant creative device is the texture. It really stands out to me because you can see how the paint was pressed against the canvas. I think this is really cool because if this picture was taken from a distance you wouldn’t be able to see this texture.

Like I said before, another creative device that stands out is the color. The yellow and blue really stand out against the red background.

Solids vs. Stripes – Over a friendly game of pool between my roommates, I noticed an opportunity for an interesting picture. I noticed a few creative devices for this picture, but the one that stood out the most to me was focus. I really like how the 15 ball is in focus, while the rest come in blurry. It almost makes you feel like you playing the game and are aiming to hit that ball. Even though its off center, the focus brings the attention towards that specific ball.


Solids vs. Stripes – The game of pool presented a great opportunity for a photo.

For this picture, you could also make an argument that the creative device is establishing size, or creating depth. It could be establishing size because the pool ball looks really big when its an up close photo, and also when you see the balls get smaller along the table it creates depth.


Benched – The benches in Washington Park covered in snow.

Benched – As I was walking through Washington Park, I noticed these benches with snow on them. Again, I got close to take the picture and It made for an interesting picture. The dominant device here for me is leading lines. This creates a pleasing photo because you follow the lines on the bench and you notice there are more in the distance. These are also lined up and follow the same leading lines.

Another device that could be used in this picture is patters. As you look at the bench you notice the pattern it as. This especially stands out on the bottom part where the snow has fallen through.

No Cop, No Stop – As I was walking down the sidewalk, I came across this Stop sign with the trees in the background. I really like how this picture came out and the contrast in the picture was the dominant creative device. With the green trees in the background and the wooden


No Cop, No Stop – The bright red of the stop sign highlighted against the trees in the background. The only reason I stopped was to take the picture.

pole are both natural colors. The bright red stop sign really stands out and catches the eye. You really notice the contrast between the sign and the elements around it.

Beat Up ChevyWhen I saw his beat up old Chevy on the side of the road, I had to take a picture. I took a lot of pictures of the old

truck and this was my favorite of the bunch. With just the back tailgate in the picture, the creative device used is cropping. This method is really cool for this picture because it allowed me to get up close. By doing this, your able to see the rust along the truck along with the Chevrolet words against the tail gate.


Beat Up Chevy – Seeing the old Chevy on the side of the road was a great picture opportunity. There’s somethin’ about a truck.

Again, color could be used as a dominant device in this picture as the red of the truck is highlighted against the white snow.

From this assignment, I really learned that I could take great photos. After I took these photos I was shocked at how good some of them looked. Even some of the pictures that I didn’t think would turn out, I actually used for my best five. So ultimately, I wish Iwould of taken more pictures for this assignment.

Until next time…

Brandon Miller

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