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For more information about Wyoming Football, visit the website by clicking here.

For this assignment we were asked to complete a video storytelling project. I paired up once again with DJ Christensen for this assignment. We decided to shoot our video on the Wyoming spring football game. The spring game is always the last part of spring football, and a good event for the fans to come out and preview next seasons team.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this assignment, is that it combined almost everything we did all semester. Just like with the pictures, we got to use creative devices and camera angles to shoot the video. It was really fun to combine our audio and video files into one and see the final result. After you take pictures, you can look down and see what they look like right away. Here we were so busy filming, that we didn’t know how they videos were going to turn out. It was really exciting for me to watch them for the first time because we got some really good footage.  This was the first time I have ever made a video story like this, and I really enjoyed piecing it all together.

There wasn’t a whole lot that I didn’t enjoy about this assignment, but some things could have gone smoother. During the spring game there was some strong wind and you could really hear it in the video at times. A few interviews we gathered I didn’t even use because the wind was overpowering their voice. This was frustrating for me, but was something out of our control. I was also on the field for the game and couldn’t really help out much with any of the filming. I could say I can be a bit of a control freak, and didn’t like relying on someone else to do all the filming. I’ll have to admit DJ did a great job however and he got a bunch of great shots.

After completing this assignment, I think I learned a lot about video storytelling. A lot of aspects go into creating a video and I didn’t realize it until this assignment. In the end, I was surprised with how it all came together. I was really happy with how it turned out and was more surprised that I could make that over anything. If I could go back, there were only a few things I would of done differently. As I mentioned before, there were a few interviews I couldn’t use because of the wind noise. I wanted to get a fan perspective from the game, so I wish I would have interviewed multiple people. At least one of them would of been usable and would have added another perspective into the video.

I really enjoyed creating this video, and could definitely see myself using video in the future. Its hard to tell if ill be using it as part of my career, but I now have a foundation in case I do use this in my career. Not only for video, but I am now prepared to use more creative devices thanks to the information I learned this semester. I really had fun, and enjoyed learning all the new forms of media.

For the last time.

Brandon Miller

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