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Soundslides Audio Story…

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For this assignment, we were asked to create an audio story. We used audacity to compile the audio, then sounslides to add pictures. The purpose of this assignment is to tell an audio visual story like the ones we saw in One in 8 Million. For this assignment, I worked with classmate D.J. Christenson. We completed our audio story on Jason Gesser, the new Quaterbacks coach for Wyoming Football.

For me, I though it was interesting working with a partner. I usually like to do all the work and am very picky, bu everything turned out great. Since I play for Wyoming football, I wasnt able to take pictures for practice or collect much audio. Me and DJ collaborated and talked about what questions to ask and what sort of pictures to take. Ultimately DJ collected the media while I put it all together. For the most part I think the process went pretty smooth and we worked well together. It was funny for me because I would be out and practice and see DJ on the field taking pictures of Gesser. He would occasionally walk past me and I would throw out some suggestions on cool pictures to take.

Overall, I struggled with soundslides and It was a lot more time consuming than I anticipated. I think more due to the fact that I was unfamiliar with the program than anything. The biggest problem for me was adding timing to the pictures because I would get altered as I added or subrtacted photos. Once I got the hang of soundslides and corrected some of the mistakes I was making, It was a lot easier for me. Overall, I think soundslides is a fairly simple program and the final product works great for audio stories.

For me I think the biggest challenge was telling a story in my audio editing. There were a few questions or directions we went while collecting audio that didnt really relate to the story I was tying to tell. Due to this, there were a few pieces of audio, ambient noise and pictures that I couldnt use. Also, It was weird for me not be involved in collecting media. As far as editing the audio I used, the speaker had a few times where he would run words together or say “umm” before his thoughts. There are a few parts where you noticed the audio was edited.

If we wee to change anything about the project, I think it would of been beneficial to gather a wider arrange of photos and audio. I think if we started the pject a few days earlier this could have been done. It would of been cool to hear one of the players talk about Gesser and how it is to be coached by him. For the future, I dont think I would have much advice other than using the experience I learned from this project to make a future one run more smooth. Starting early and a wider range of media as I said earlier would also help me in the future. I look forward to working with this progam again, and using it for my individual poject.

Unti next time…

Brandon Miller

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