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Sounds around me…

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I had a lot of fun with this assignment. It was interesting to record these noises around me because when you listen back on them it takes you back to that place and time. These sounds really give you a sense of the atmosphere around you. I have also never worked with Soundcloud or any other music player for that matter, so the process of learning this was not only fun but also interesting. I hope you enjoy some of the sounds around me.

1. Ambient Noise – Talking Before Class – I collected this ambient noise in my classroom. I got it before the teacher was there and a few kids were talking and laughing. There were at a distance so its hard to tell what they are saying but can still hear them talking. I think the best place to use this ambient noise in a story would be if you mentioned people talking and laughing at a distance.

2. Ambient Noise – Filling Up Drink – This noise is me filling up up my drink at a beverage dispenser. I collected this noise when I ate at Qdoba. I really like the noise of the ice falling into the cup and then the liquid filling pouring in. I think you could use this noise in a few ways such as if your talking about obesity and the problem with soda, or just if you mentioned you needed something to drink.

3. Ambient Noise – Dryer – This noise is the dryer being run. I collected this noise in my laundry room. We have a very quiet dryer, so its a little hard to tell in the audio. Its a very soothing sound to me so I decided to record it. I would use this noise just when talking about needing to dry my clothes.

4. Ambient Noise – Basketball Game – This ambient noise was collected during a basketball game. I collected this noise as Wyoming played New Mexico. I was close enough to the court to be able to hear the squeaking of the shoes and the players yelling. With the crowd cheering you could really use this noise for any sporting event. 

5. Ambient Noise – Driving with Window Down –The noise in this recording is the sound of cars driving past me. I got this noise as I was in my car and just rolled down the windows. This sound is very familiar I’m sure to most people, as you hear it everyday you drive with windows down. I would use this noise when talking about driving on a busy road. I would say busy road just because in the short tie frame you hear many cars pass.

6. Ambient Noise – Crowd in Concourse – This noise was basically me walking through a concourse. I got this again at the basketball game while I was walking to get some food in the Arena Auditorium. Last time I mentioned only a few people talking, but here you can here many voices and its much louder. For this reason I would use this ambient noise when walking through a crowd of people, or just a crowded area.

For this assignment our job was to count to ten out of order, then using audacity cut and reorder it so the numbers are in order. The purpose of this assignment was to get comfortable with not only audacity and how to use it, but also to help us with future assignments. It was good to get familiar with the program with a simple assignment, and I know it will help in the future. I didn’t have any experience with sound editing and was the first time I used this program. Before this assignment I never needed to use sound editing or really saw a purpose. I’m glad we did this assignment though and it was cool to see what I could do. I don’t have any fears with sound editing or audio journalism going forward, even though ill admit I did before this assignment. Once you get out and do the assignments and interact with these programs it all becomes much easier.

Until next time…

Brandon Miller

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