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Danny from North Korea…

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For this assignment, we were asked to tweet some sort of event involved with the University of Wyoming. I actually didn’t have twitter before this assignment, so this was a good way for me to join the 21st century and sign up for an account. Before the assignment, I viewed twitter as more of a way to talk with friends and I didn’t see the point in joining. Just like the assignment calls for, I wanted to use twitter as more professional and news purposes. I found out that by following interesting business people like Bill Gates or news organizations such as Fortune, it has become a very rewarding experience. I’m glad I signed up for twitter and have learned some very interesting things from people just in the past few weeks.

At first, I didn’t know what kind of event I wanted to tweet about. After looking at my schedule and many events on the Wyoming calendar, the one that really caught my attention was a Liberty in North Korea documentary called Danny from North Korea. The documentary was about life in North Korea and the hardships the people face. The documentary takes you on the journey of a man named Danny and how he was forced to escape into China to escape poverty, starvation, and dictatorship. There has been a lot of negative news coming from North Korea in the past 10 years, and I really wanted to hear the story of an everyday citizen. The organization Liberty in North Korea is dedicated to save those who are forced to escape the country and spread the word of how everyday people live.

As I said before, one thing I really enjoyed about this assignment was actually signing up for a twitter account. I follow many interesting people and news sites. Everyday I go on twitter I learn something new and interesting. As far as the documentary, I really enjoyed attending the event. This is something I probably would of never attended on my own, but this assignment forced me to go out and be apart of something. It was really cool to hear the story from someone who grew up in North Korea. When thinking of North Korea, it was always negative. But after viewing the documentary, I realize you can’t define a country by its government. In actuality the everyday citizen is fighting for survival and some dare to escape the country with risk of being executed. For example one story that really stood out to me is how Danny would eat bark and roots just to have something in his stomach to survive.

I can’t point out anything that I didn’t enjoy about this assignment. One thing that was an inconvenience thought was that the event was scheduled for the wrong time on the Wyoming calendar. The calendar had the event scheduled for 6 p.m. Once 6:15 hit and no one showed up I was real disappointed because I didn’t know what other event I could attend. Walking out of the classroom building I happened to look at the bulletin board to see if any other events were scheduled in the near future. I happened to see the Danny in North Korea flyer and it said it started at 7:30. I was lucky enough to see this bulletin and make the event. So if anything stands out negative about this assignment, it would be the miscommunication the school had about the timing of the event.

Poster I found on the bulletin board

Poster I found on the bulletin board

For this assignment I would really say that I learned more about social media. I have been a member of Facebook for the past few years, but I would say its very different that twitter. Twitter is very fast paced and you can see trends happening everyday. I like the hash tag feature because it allows you to follow events and stories that are happening. One thing I wish I had done differently is joined twitter before the assignment. Not only because I have learned a lot of interesting things from people, but also because I would be a lot more experienced at tweeting. There has been a really strong shift towards social media in the past 5 years and I’m sure everyone will be involved with it in their future.

To view my tweets about the event, follow me on twitter at : @BrandonMiller_8

View the website about Liberty in North Korea by clicking HERE.

Until next time…

Brandon Miller

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