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People of Laramie…

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The Extra Element – Owner of Elements Robert Buckhardt, takes time out of his day to show me around the shop. He has been the head man at Elements for 5 years.

The Extra Element – If you have ever walked through the classroom building, you have been greeted by Robert Vuckhardt who is the owner of Elements. I have never met Robert so I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to him and use him as a feature photo. He kindly invited me in the back, and I got to see how everything is made. Since I got to ask him as a feature style, the picture was easy for me to get. I frequently visit Elements and get food and drinks, so I enjoyed the opportunity to take a photo of it. The creative device used in this photo is a portrait.

See more about Elements in UWYO Campus Dining


Old Friends – Andy Hoefer (left), and friends enjoy each others company as they eat breakfast. They have been friends for as long as they can remember.

Old Friends – After eating breakfast one morning in Perkins, I heard laughter from across the room. I noticed a group of old men who have been friends for a long time. The atmosphere in Perkins was very light and relaxed. Everyone was enjoying their morning and each others company. This picture was a little difficult to capture and I tried to explain to the men to act normal and not mind me. I don’t think they understood, and looked my way in the picture. I was real overcome by their friendliness and they were happy to help me out. I would consider the creative device to be a feature (enterprise) photo.


Nothing but Net – Sophomore forward Kayla Woodward shoots a free throw in Wednesday night action against the Air Force Academy. Kayla scored 22 points and led the Cowgirls to the 88-63 win.

Nothing But Net – I heard that the Wyoming Cowgirl basketball team was playing a game on Wednesday night and attended the game. One thing about Cowgirls basketball as oppose to other women’s basketball is they have really dedicated fans. It was an exciting game to go to and they played really good. I tried to get as close to the court as possible and took a lot of photos. I took a lot of great photos, but was disappointed when I looked down and realized my camera made it turn out blurry. Finally, I got a good photo of Kayla Woodward in the action of shooting a free throw. To me shooting sport  action photos was a lot of fun. The creative device in this photo was sports action.

Chech out the Cowgirl Basketball home page by clicking here


Better Safe than Sorry – Trainer Megen Jensen tapes athletes before practice.

Better Safe than Sorry – As I was walking through the training room I noticed Megan Jensen tape up athletes. Since most of the athletes share the same training room, I was able to see athletes get ready for practice. The atmosphere is usually relaxed in the training room as athletes prepare for practice. This picture was easy to get as I was close to Megan. For this picture the creative device would be a feature (enterprise) photo.


Tall and Strong – 3rd street bartender pours drinks for party goers.

Tall and Strong – As I was at 3rd Street Bar I noticed the bartender hard at work. It was very busy and the atmosphere was very hectic. This was a spur the moment picture and I noticed it would be a good picture opportunity.  This was an easy picture because he truly didn’t know I was taking his picture making it very natural. For this picture, I used the feature (enterprise) creative device once again. 

I really enjoyed this assignment because I got to look into people living their lives. Instead of posing for pictures, I got to see people acting natural. From this assignment I learned that these pictures really tell a story and a picture truly says a thousand words. Nothing about this assignment really surprised me. I just learned I had to get out of my comport zone and shoot pictures of people. I don’t really wish I did something different, but was more disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a more wide array of photos. I was really looking for some spot news photos like the examples we saw in class. But, those are obviously rare occasions. All in all, I think I got some very interesting photos and met interesting people doing this assignment.

Until next time…

Brandon Miller

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